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Corporate information

As a long term company we have defined our reason of being, what we want to be in the future and what are our objectives.

Our Mission:

Represent and distribute in EMEA Market equipment of the leading worldwide manufacturers in electronics to cover all the production needs of our customers in the assembly of electronic components on the PCBs. So we are established in electronics and microelectronics fields, specifically:

-SMT Production. Surface Mount Technology.
-THT Production. Through Hole Technology.
-Microelectronics: wire bonding and die bonding.
-Auxiliary equipment.
-ESD and CleanRooms.

Our Vision:

Our focus in the future is to provide complete solutions to our customers in order to satisfy all their needs in the field of electronics and microelectronics. With our portfolio we can cover all the machines that a customer need for an SMD or THT line so we want to be the unique supplier of our customers.

Our Objectives:

In EMEA Electro Solutions we have the objective of create an important synergy between all the advantages of our suppliers and their machinery and our company culture. Our values are: innovation, reliability, flexibility, fair price, modularity and practicality.