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March 2017 - NEW Collaboration with RETHINK ROBOTICS

EMEA Electro Solutions is glad to share with you our new collaboration with collaborative robots from RETHINK ROBOTICS.

We choosed RETHINK ROBOTICS because there is no other manufacturer with 7 axis robot, such accurate force sensing system and so easy to redeploy. Great for Electronics! EMEA will be the electronics specialist for Spain and Portugal with local service and full support from Mi Cobot as one of the integrators.

¿Do you know collaborative robots?
Collaborative robots are the safest robots, with a lot of advantages: fast ROI, small footprint, extremely easy to program, very flexible. There is a lot of tasks to automate nowadays in the electronic factories. Here you could see an example:

Click here to see Sawyer Robot at RETHINK ROBOTICS Website

EMEA Electro Solutions Team