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July 2016 - New agreement with PLASMATREAT for plasma applications in electronics and microelectronics

EMEA Electro Solutions Team is very glad to share with you this new agreement with PLASMATREAT for Spain and Portugal to help our customers in plasma applications like plasma treatment for electronics and plasma cleaning for semiconductors.

 ¿Do you know plasma advantages? 
-Removes all the organic pollutants and the silicon based ones.
-Activates the surface introducing oxigen, so the surface gets: high energy and high wettability (over 72 dynes).
This wettability will be great for the following soldering, coating, wire bonding and other processes.
-Effectively removes the attracted dust of the electrostatic phenomena.
-Substitutes the VOC based cleaning processes.

You can download extra information of plasma treatment for electronics clicking here.

You can download extra information of plasma cleaning for semiconductors clicking here.

EMEA Electro Solutions Team