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June 2016 - The 56xx Wire Bonder. Not only flexible ¡But also fully automatic!

Flexibility does not have to cause technological drawbacks.
The 56 series is a full-fledged production solution, that can easily compete with a fully automatic machine, regarding
programmability and process control. Intuitive to use single bond mode for placing separate bonds (manual or automatic)
as well as multi wire and repair modes are available. While the multi wire mode can be used for bonding entire
assemblies (also in matrix arrangement), the repair mode enables a temporary shift of bonding positions and bonding
parameters, without changing the original program – perfect even in tricky repair situations.

All bonding parameters are programmable for any number of bonds or bumps, including bonding force ramp and
ultrasonic burst to support the cleansing phase during the bonding process. Programmed wires will be displayed
schematically on screen, can be selected individually or grouped by mouse and furthermore be live adjusted using the
camera image. Numerous programmable loop forms with graphic display facilitate the loop design significantly.
By using the step mode (manual confirmation of following procedure steps), that can be activated throughout the entire
automatic bonding process, the procedure becomes transparent with every step it takes and shows which impact specific
parameter adjustments have. This helps every user to find his optimal working strategy.

The fully automatic image recognition, that is available optional to the manual adjustment, has been completely
revised and replaced with an efficient Asoss vision software. Each bond head includes a miniature colour camera
with a customized optic for optimal magnification, always ready aligned to the position of the bonding tools
(camera offset) for the fastest head change possible.

Product quality and automation become more and more important on a global scale,

regardless of the produced quantity

No other manufacturer of bonding equipment can compete with the strength of this bonder: every chip and wire bonding
technique with interchangeable bonding heads; onvertibility from pull to shear testers; programmable for fully automatic
operations with automatic image recognition and adjustment. Our latest hard and software update for Windows 7
technology gives proof, this machine is ageless, because it is constantly expandable and grows with its technology.

The best protection for your investment!

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EMEA Electro Solutions Team