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Manual e Semi Automated Options

All T-Model’s can be upgraded with the eutectic options:

  • Heating plates for static heating
  • Heating plates for temperature profiles with cooling
  • Tool heating for temperature profiles with cooling
  • Software for graphical programming with real time display
  • Inert gas chamber available for all heating plates
  • 2nd spindle for pre-form handling
  • Scrub or Ultrasonic

Tresky’s Flip-Chip Ultra module is a beam splitter optics, which allows the simultaneous viewing of two objects by an optical overlay (superposition) on the monitor.

The Flip-Chip optics has a built-in Ultra HD camera with digital magnification as well as integrated LED lights for optimal illumination of various substrates and components. In combination with the high magnification and the XYTable Micro Positioning Facility, high accuracy alignment can be reached. Due the module is conected with the bonding head Z motion it can be used on any height (pick, place,..).

Technical Specification:

  • 400x digital zoom Ultra HD camera
  • Field of view 1,2mm – 6,5mm
  • LED illumination (up, down and coax)

The Tresky Die Flip-Station is designed to minimize the mechanical stress on the Chip to avoid any damage. The soft flipping of the Die upside down is gentle controlled and can be activated manual or automatic. An exchangeable tip and support plate allows to handle a wide range of Die sizes. The adjustable speed and height gives you the most possible flexibility to flip a Die.

It’s possible to flip any devices. Tool change is very simple.

Suitable for stamping of adhesive or for dipping of picked-up Flip-Chip (or any other component) into Flux before placement.

Both processes use the same motorised adhesive/flux container. The motorised container is maintaining a defined and constant layer of flux or adhesive. For stamping of adhesives application, is the stamping tool, attached to the dispenser arm by means of an adapter.

Fully integrated ultrasonic system for thermo- and ultrasonic applications. The combination of the ultrasonic transducer and Tresky’s True Vertical Technology™, which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate as well as controlled bond force at every height, ensures a high quality and reliable bonding. Rotatable ultrasonic unit for easy handling and accurate alignment. 40W, 60 kHz digital generator with continuous power adjustment.

Tresky’s UV curing option is for optimal UV adhesive curing in bonding of micro components and optical components . All systems of the T-4909 and T-300x series can be upgraded.