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INSPECTIS – Inverted Digital Microscope for Welding Analysis

All-in-one Digital Inverted Microscope for weld bead analysis and measurement. Ultra HD imaging system with motorised
zoom optics, auto-focus, built-in illumination, and dedicated software for weld measurements, documentation and reporting.
Premium image quality and fast auto-focus. Large field of view range, 82 to 3 mm (3.23” to 0.12”), equivalent to ~2.6x – 70x
optical magnification. 1 to 4 μm measurement resolution depending on image geometry.
System includes INSPECTIS© Basics software, USB3.0 or PCIe converter, 5 pcs tempered glass windows, PC communication
cable and protection cover for the instrument. Dedicated weld bead measurement software bundle with Nikon NIS Elements
D is ordered separately.
Additional software modules, 50mm calibration micrometre scale with accredited certificate, circular aperture plates, Lowfriction screen protector for glass window (5 pcs kit) and rigid transport flight-case are available and ordered separately


⇒ Ultra HD, 8.3 megapixel camera with 27:1 motorised zoom optics and large aperture glare-free illumination
⇒ High resolution lens system with fast auto-focus and aperture control for outstanding image quality
⇒ Rigid aluminium housing with coated steel base and stainless-steel top plate for maximum stability
⇒ Large aperture, long life tempered Gorilla® Glass window with low-friction hard screen protector
⇒ Powered by Nikon metrology NIS Elements D and welding geometry measurement software

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