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INSPECTIS – Side-view Optical BGA Inspection Systems

Premium BGA Solder Joints Inspection

New generation side-view optical system, designed for fast and flexible optical inspection, analysis and documentation of hidden solder joints of BGA, μBGA. FipChip, CSP, CGA and top-view SMD components.

Powered by INSPECTIS© ProX

Powerful still easy-to-use software providing tools for live image view, advance camera control, image/video/audio capture, geometrical measurements, image overlays and comparison, focus stacking, annotations and reporting among other features.

Developed for Productivity

High resolution optics coupled with high-power LED lighting system, robust optical probe and fast USB3.0 camera interface produces clear, crisp and high frame-rate real-time video of the hidden solder joints.

Advanced, Flexible and Reliable system

Variable focus capability of the optics allows the user to image from first to up to 20 rows of BGA solder bumps with its flexible, electronically dimmable fibre brush light as background illumination.

The unique soft-touch mechanism design in the stand bracket protects the micro-prisms in the optical probe tip from damage when positioned on surface of the inspection PCB. 180º pivoting mechanism for easy alignment of the probe along 3 different sides of the BGA package.

Developed with emphasis on Time and Cost Efficiency

INSPECTIS© BGA Inspection software is designed to help users navigate effortlessly. With a logical layout and graphical icons for each function, operators can quickly become familiar with the software, saving time during inspection and measurement routines and reducing the need for training sessions.

Thanks to its interchangeable Side-view and Top-view optics the Inspectis BGA system provides a flexible and versatile inspection solution for efficient use of investment budget.

Included Items when you order BGA-002

  • Inspectis Digital Microscope, 5MP, USB3.0 interface
  • Interchangeable 90° side-view BGA inspection lens
  • Interchangeable 8-80x top-view varifocal lens
  • INSPECTIS© ProX BGA Inspection software
  • Calibration Micrometre Scale for BGA
  • Microprism Background Illumination Unit with LED light source
  • Fibre Optics Background Illumination Unit with High-power LED light source
  • Stand with Rack&Pinion, soft-touch and pivoting bracket, standard size
  • Precision XY-stage with antistatic mat and magnetic pegs
  • Aluminium Carrying Case for Microscope, BGA Lens and Illumination
  • USB Foot switch for INSPECTIS© Software, 1-pedal
  • Annual Service and Support for INSPECTIS software (one year)

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