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NEW PARTNER – ACP advanced clean production

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industry solutions

Products or components manufactured with our process solutions can be found in industry sectors that include, automotive, electronics, microelectronics, consumer electronics, medical technology, consumer electronics, semiconductor and photovoltaics.


Leak currents or short circuits may cause massive damage in the complex supply and drive systems of e-drives. Failures of subsystems or the failure of the entire system cause unwanted repair costs. A short circuit in the battery cells caused by metallic particles may cause a fire that is difficult to embank, thus bringing vehicle passengers into massive danger. The acp quattroClean dry cleaning process reliably removes even the smallest particles and reproducibly meets the highest cleanliness requirements.



In the field of electronics, there are various applications where the acp quattroClean dry cleaning process reliably and reproducibly meets the highest cleanliness requirements. Cleaning of printed circuit boards prior to assembly, removal of solder residues and minute particles (in the 1-digit μm range) of wiring patterns, or cleaning of masks and exposure optics are typical applications for acp cleaning technology.




Implants, prostheses, cannulas and many other parts used in medical devices must be cleaned from particals and cinematic residues after the manufacturing process to very high cleanliness standards. The acp quattroClean dry cleaning process does it in one step. The continuous use of fresh CO2 and high-purity compressed air virtually eliminates re-contamination of the surfaces, as it may occur in wet-chemical processes.


  • Dry, chemical-free cleaningfor particle and oil free surfaces

    The advanced, patented C02 snow-jet nozzle technology from acp systems AG cleans component surfaces using a dry, environmentally friendly, residue free process. This supersonic dual component quattroClean® techno­logy provides optimized, precise and repeatable cleaning results with the minimum consumption of C02.

    With the direct and continuous supply of liquid C02, the process qualif1es perfectly for integration into adaptable automated production systems, available either directly from acp systems AG, or supplied to our system integration partners as a modular system.

Cleaning ProcessTwo-component concentric nozzle

The quattroClean® cleaning process comprises four stages: impulse transmission, rapid cooling, sublimation and solvent rinsing.


C02 snow-jet cleaning can offer up to a 40% cost reduction over conventional cleaning processes in some industry sectors.


  • The process is dry and gentle and will not damage the surface structure
  • Perfect for cleaning of sensitive and hydroscopic or porous surfaces
  • No wastewater or chemicals to dispose of
  • The C02 snow-jet process uses C02 that has been re-captured from existing industrial emissions, thereby ensuring no additional impact on the environment.


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