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Bar Ionizer Model 7380


  • Model 7380 series with AirStat® Steady-State DC technology is a bar-type ionizer designed to control low peak offset voltage. It can be used to suppress ESD damage in various electronic product manufacturing environments such as semiconductor assembly and PCB assembly process. do. Model 7380d is a patent-pending QuadPoint® design designed to maintain ion balance with four discharge needles in one nozzle, making it suitable for use in processes that handle sensitive devices without induced charging that can cause ESD damage. By optimizing output control according to the installation environment, it is possible to fine-tune the output voltage so that the product can operate, so that a low peak offset voltage can be maintained even at a close distance. The RJ-45 terminal is designed to monitor the operation control and ionizer status, and to enable input/output of power in a daisy-chain method. The LED display allows you to intuitively check the status of the ionizer such as HV Power output details and alarm selection, and remote control is possible through the remote control.


  • Steady-State DC Ion Generation
  • Fine output voltage adjustment function
  • low offset voltage
  • Class 0 device ESD control optimization
  • Adjustable output to suit user environment
  • Operation check through LED & Audio alarm
  • Remote control possible using infrared remote control
  • Slim Design
  • 3 Digit LED Display
  • No Induction Field
  • No Swing Voltage
  • No Polarization
  • Audio & Visual LED Alarms
  • IR Remote Controller


  • Input Voltage – 24 VDC, 300 Watt Max.
  • Output Voltage – ±4kV DC, 10V Resolution Adjustment
  • Ion Emission – Steady-state DC Technology
  • Balance – Less than ±25V
  • Discharge time – Less than 2.0 seconds at 300mm
  • Display – 4 digit LED display
  • Output Control – High voltage adjustment with IR Remote Controller
  • Emitter Points – Tungsten 99.99%
  • Alarm – Visual & Audio alarm operates for ion balance; HV power failures
  • Monitoring – RJ-45 monitoring interface
  • Material – Enclosure & Bracket: ABS plastic Nozzle: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions (mm) – 62.5H x 30D x 350L mm
  • Warranty – 1 year limited warranty


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