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Cleanroom Sticky Mats White 18″ x 45″, 30 layers (457 x 1140 mm)-pk of 10 mats- carton of 5 packs(price per mat)


Avoid soiling caused by contaminated shoe soles by laying special mats in front of your cleanrooms. Keeping the rooms clean is made easier with cleanroom dust control mats. And you don’t have to buy new mats if they become soiled or their adhesive strength weakens, all you have to do is peel off the top film of the cleanroom mats.

  • Disposable dust binding mat with high adhesive strength, 30-ply
  • In case of soiling or decreasing adhesive strength, simply remove the top film, the new film is immediately available.
  • Strenght – 700gr(+-25 Gr) 25 mm
  • Disposable dust binding mat or adhesive mat
  • Colour: blue or White
  • Size: 660mm x 1140mm / 610×915 mm / 457 x 1140 mm 
  • with indicator for remaining foils on the mat
  • non-slip due to self-adhesive base mat




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