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ESD Gusset MBB Bags 270 x (90+90) x 560mm – 0,14 mm 3 Layer -PET/AL/CPE (pack of 100)


The ESD/EMI shielding bag from EMEA can be sealed and vacuumed and, thanks to its multi-layer processing, protects the sensitive electronic components from moisture and has a defined water vapour permeability. The ESD bag is standardly printed with type designation, ESD warning symbol, recycle symbol and lot number.

  • Shielding bag with moisture protection and defined water vapour permeability
  • Film Composition: PET/ALU/NY/CPE – 4 layers – 152 my
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge and fields
  • Electrostatic shielding < 10 nJ
  • Weldable, Vacuumable
  • Standard printing: ESD/EMI marking, moisture symbol, type designation, recycle symbol
  • Typical External surface resistance Rpp = 1×10^10  Ohm
  • Discharge time 1000V – 100V = <0.02s
  • MVTR = ≤0,0003g/100in²/24h


This are the standard bags; we can make any size or thickness. We can produce these bags in 3 types, Zip, Flat or Gussted. Ask us your need and we have a solutions!




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