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ESD Textured Mattings


  • An ESD table mat from EMEA provides optimum protection for sensitive components. The use of a table mat at the workplace in an EPA counteracts electrostatic discharge and thus damage to the components. 


  • Two-layer composite decking 
  • Wear-resistant synthetic rubber 
  • Solder tin and heat resistant 
  • Abrasion resistant 
  • Halogen free 
  • Permanently elastic 
  • Volume conductive 
  • Conductive back 
  • 3 colors, blue, grey and green


  • EMEA-B-G039 | ESD Textured Mattings Green 2mm – 1.2m x 10mt
  • EMEA-B-G040 | ESD Textured Mattings Blue 2mm – 0,8m x 10mt
  • EMEA-B-G041  | ESD Textured Mattings Grey 2mm – 1.2m x 10mt
  • EMEA-B-G042 | ESD Textured Mattings Blue, 2mm – 1.2m x 10mt
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