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Model 310SE with CoreInsight’s CoreStat® technology is a Steady-State DC type 1-fan ionizer. 

Codes EMEA0027

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Model 310SE with CoreInsight’s CoreStat® technology is a Steady-State DC type 1-fan ionizer. Installation is easy because it maintains a low ion balance without connecting a separate ground, and it can be installed on a workbench or inside equipmentThere is no need for ancillary calibration and maintenance/repair costs for management You can easily check the status of HVP/Balance through the LED on the top, and various functions such as one-touch filter are applied for user convenience The discharge needle can be cleaned without opening or closing the rear filter through the cleaning button on the top.


– Stable ion balance
– Ionizers that do not require calibration
– low ion balance
-Check HVP/Balance operation through LED & Audio alarm
– Monitoring (FMS) system application
– One-touch, easy-to-remove filter grill cover
– Automatic discharge needle cleaning button
– Built-in automatic discharge needle cleaning brush
– CoreStat® Self-balanced Technology
– Steady-State DC Ion Emission
– No Calibration Required
– Versatile Applications
– Audio & LED Alarm for HVP/Balance
– Facility Monitoring System (FMS) Interface
– Emitter Point Easy Clean and Replace
– One-Touch Auto-Cleaning Button
– Emitter Point Auto-Cleaning Brush


– Input Voltage – 24 VDC, 6.9 W Max.
– Ion Emission – Steady-state DC Technology
– Balance – < ± 10 V
– Discharge time – ±1000 V to ±100 V less than 3 sec (30 cm)
– Airflow – 60 CFM
– Emitter Points – Tungsten 99.99%
– Alarm – Visual & Audio alarm operate for power failure and out of balance
– Monitoring – RJ-45 Terminal interface
– Material – Enclosure & Filter Cover: ABS plastic Bracket: Aluminum
– Dimensions (mm) – 125W x 135H x 70D (without bracket); 152W x 155H x 70D (with bracket)
– Weight – 580g (with bracket)
– Warranty – 2 year limited warranty


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