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SHIELD BAG OPEN TOP (4×6) 102×152 mm – Pack 100


EMEA shielding ESD bag is manufactured with an outer layer of conductive polyester and an inner layer of conductive polyethylene. In addition, the material thickness is 75µm. On the ESD bag the ESD and Recycle symbol.

  • with ESD and recycle symbol and type
  • outside: polyester conductive
  • inside: polyethylene dissipative
  • Metallization: aluminium-vaporized, shielding < 15 nJ
  • weldable
  • film thickness: 75µm +/- 10 %

This are the standard bags; we can make any size or thickness. We can produce these bags in 3 types, Zip, Flat or Gussted. Ask us your need and we have a solutions!




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