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Tester PGT120.COM with RS232 Interface


The ESD tester Personnel Grounding Tester PGT® 120  controls the personal grounding resistors for wrist and shoe grounding for access monitoring of electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s).

  • Special version PGT®120 with DATA interface for connection e.g. to time recording terminals. Test results are provided via RS232 interface.
  • An additional potential-free relay contact enables control of a door opener or a turnstile for access control, for example.
  • The Personnel Grounding Tester PGT® 120 controls the personal grounding resistors for wrist and footwear grounding to monitor access to electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s).
  • Power supply via a plug-in power supply unit.
  • Testing of wrist strap earthing, testing of right and left shoe possible simultaneously by separate measuring circuits.
  • Separate testing of personal leakage resistance over left and right shoe.
  • In conjunction with individual personal systems (e.g. turnstiles), footwear measurement can be carried out in “hands-free mode” without actuating the touch plate.
  • Test voltage 30 V, 50 V or 100 Volt (standard setting).
  • The lower limit values can be deactivated.
  • Can be used as a table-top or wall-mounted unit (the optional wall bracket is required as a wall-mounted unit).
  • Limit values adjustable via dip switches.



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