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Digital Inverted Microscope

Plug&Play Inverted Microscope for Welding Analysis

Inverted Microscope for weld bead analysis and measurement. All-in-one Ultra HD (4K) digital imaging system with motorised zoom optics, fast auto-focus, built-in large aperture illumination, and dedicated software for weld measurements  according to individual standards and acceptance criterias and reporting.

Premium Image Quality for Highest Measurement Accuracy

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology image sensor, large aperture lighting and high resolution pre-calibrated optics, WELDinspect provides calibrated ultra sharp images of the prepared samples at entire field of view and zoom range.

Large field of view range, 82 to 3 mm (3.23” to 0.12”), equivalent to ~2.6x – 70x optical magnification and 1 to 4 μm measurement resolution depending on image geometry.

When you require the best

WELDinspect is design in robust aluminium housing with stainless steel top plate and durable tempered gorilla glass optical window. System is delivered with INSPECTIS© Basics with built-in camera and lens control and powered by Nikon NIS Elements, dedicated weld bead measurement and reporting software.