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Stencil Printer – Edison

The MPM Edison™ stencil printer is ideally suited for the growing Automotive and Smart
Device manufacturing markets. The Edison printer is the industries’ most accurate printer
with +/- 15μ @ 6σ wet print repeatability. Total throughput is lightning fast due in part to the
highly-efficient, parallel processing of the stencil shuttle system, stencil wiping, paste
dispensing and vision alignment system.

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Faster Throughput for a Better Process
Edison’s new parallel processing system is extremely fast resulting in a very short cycle time. This helps increase throughput by shortening total time per PCB printed. This leaves more time for key overhead functions that have the biggest impact on print quality:

  • Print at slower speeds to decrease variability
  • Utilize slow stencil separation for optimal print definition
  • Double stroke after wipe
  • More frequent wiping resulting in higher yields
  • Time leftover to optimize settings for maximum possible yields

Incomparable Wet Print Accuracy
Best-in-class printing with a 25% improvement in wet print accuracy over current printers: Built-in +/- 8 micron alignment, and +/- 15 micron wet print repeatability (≥2 Cpk @ 6σ) proven through 3rd party Print Capability Analysis (PCA) testing.

Back To Back (BTB) Configurable
BTB is a flexible dual lane solution without adding line length; identical single-lane printers are easily re-deployed to other lines when needed. Use in BTB configuration, or singly as a stand-alone.

Intueri Graphical User Interface
MPM Intueri is a simple, intuitive operator interface with a flexible, wide array of configuration variables. It is combined with OpenApps for maximum capability and connectivity and provides a portal to Industry 4.0 concepts.

Advanced Print Head
Single-axis, closed-loop pressure control for dual squeegee eliminates front-to-back variation. A single high-precision load cell provides squeegee force, and a unique algorithm calibrates out non-linearity, maintainng the set pressure across the entire board surface.

Board Staging
Ability to have three boards in the machine simultaneously, reduced distance on input conveyor by pre-loading the board during the print process results in reduced transfer times and improved cycle time.

EdgeLoc Board Clamping
The EdgeLoc system uses a side snugging technique that removes the need for top clamps which interfere with the PCB to stencil contact. The result is optimal gasketing and more volumetrically consistent edge-to-edge prints. With EdgeLoc II, robust flippers engage to secure the board across the top edge ensuring board flatness then move out of the way once the board is firmly gripped from the side. EdgeLoc+ board clamping can change between edge and top clamping simply through software.

High Speed Vision Alignment with Ultra-slim Camera
Edison features a high-speed vision alignment system with an ultra-thin camera. The overall gantry thickness is only 39 mm featuring an ‘on the fly’ ‘POE’ (Power Over Ethernet) camera. A single CCD split field provides precision simultaneous up-down image acquisition with a field of view 9.0 x 6.0 mm.

OpenApps™ Architecture
MPM OpenApps features an open architecture source code which equips customers and third parties with the opportunity for developing custom interfaces in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Paste Height Monitor™
The Paste Height Monitor is designed to prevent defects caused by inadequate volumes of paste on the stencil. It combines advanced software and sensor technology to accurately monitor the paste bead for volume consistency. Upper and lower limit roll-height monitoring eliminates insufficient or excess paste volumes. It is a non-contact solution that can automatically add more paste to the stencil as it is needed.

The PrinTrack feature adds traceability, data harvesting, and reporting to your printing process. With PrinTrack, you always have an easy access to a comprehensive history, detailing:

  • How your product was printed
  • When it was printed
  • The process parameters used to print the board
  • All pertinent information that can be used to track products or troubleshoot the process if needed.

A flexible web reporting interface can be user-configured to produce traceability reports.

SPI Print Optimizer
The SPI print optimizer communicates with the external Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system to continuously monitor and auto-correct X, Y, and Theta registration ‘on the fly’ to stay on target and prevent print defects.

Ultra-fast, High Efficiency Wiping System
A super-size 65m paper roll allows 10,000 prints per change. Patented paper tension control provides more effective wiping and a separate wiping and printing zone prevents cross contamination.