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X7056RS – 3D AXI/3D AOI

Bestseller among in-line X-ray systems

  • Inspection of electronics assemblies populated on one or both sides
  • Greatest flexibility through 3D, 2.5D or 2D AXI
  • Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) or image intensifiers (depending on application)
  • High inspection depth through XM 3D or 8 M camera technology
  • Viscom Quality Uplink: process optimization and first-pass yield increase
  • Comprehensive IPC-compliant AXI inspection library
  • Best in-line AXI resolution for maximum fault coverage
  • Optional AOI integration with no loss of speed
  • Optional: Open or sealed X-ray tube

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Insufficient solder Excessive solder Missing solder
Solder bridging/short circuit Tombstoning Lifted lead
Soldering error Non-wetting Contamination
Missing component Polarity defect Displaced component
Rotation Damaged component Incorrect component
Face down component Billboarding Excess component
Form defect Bent lead Damaged lead
THT filling degree
Open area inspection Circumference defects Wicking-up effect
Electronic color codes OCR Solder balls/splash
VOIDs BGA head-in-pillow