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What is CO2 snow jet cleaning?

The CO2 Snow jet cleaning process with quattroClean technology is today our leading technology and offers an alternative to chemical based wet cleaning procedures.

The main objective is to free products from particles and films, organic and anorganic, in a dry and environmentally conscious and sustainable process. With this fast and efficient process we can remove residues selectively but also on plains – without any wastewater or chemical remains.

The technology can be integrated into manual but also automated production lines – into standalone systems or as a module in existing or new production lines.

CO2 snow-jet cleaning

Snow-jet cleaning with quattroClean®

The advanced, patented C02 snow-jet nozzle technology from acp systems AG cleans component surfaces using a dry, environmentally neutral, residue free process.

Cleaning Process

Two-component concentric nozzle
acp systems AG’s advanced and patented dual media nozzle technology is unique and has signiflcant advantages over alternative systems.


The quattroClean® cleaning process comprises four stages: impulse transmission, rapid cooling, sublimation and solvent rinsing.


C02 snow-jet cleaning can offer up to a 40% cost reduction over conventional cleaning processes in some industry sectors.

Automotive: CMOS imager

Medical Technology: Degreasing of precision metal components

Electronics: PCB – removal of solder and flux residues

Electronics: PCB laser structuring – removal of soot