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Long Working Distance (500mm) Ultra HD (4K) Inspection System

Making optical inspection enjoyable

Inspectis large working distance U30s-WD500 is a premium all-in-one Ultra High Definition 8.3 megapixel optical inspection system with 30:1 optical zoom range, fast auto focus and extended 495 mm working distance. Packed and ready-to-use with LWD Boom Stand, Advanced Remote Control and VESA monitor holder for LWD stand.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

Inspectis U30s-WD500 system provides relief to eyes, neck and shoulders through its unique ergonomic design and large free working distance. The extended 495mm working distance provides clear and clutter free bench space for working on objects that you can observe on the monitor right on front of you. You sit comfortably in a good working position and carry out your optical inspection tasks efficiently.

For inspection of large objects

Large Working Distance and Filed-of-View of U30s-WD500 system allows optical inspection of up to 670 mm wide objects!