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Battery Bonding

For the production of battery packs, F & K DELVOTEC always offers the perfect solution for the highest quality products with our ultrasonic bonding and ultrasonic laserbonding processes.

Battery packs for electric vehicles have various cell types and formats that have to be interconnected. They differ not only in the geometry, but also in the current ratings for the interconnections. In addition, there are connections for the BMS (Battery Management System) which require further separate bonding solutions.

More than 40 years of experience in wire bonding ensures our mastery of the technology, even for the most challenging of materials. For the entire evolution from product development to series production, F & K DELVOTEC offers tailor-made support at every stage: from process development, sample bonding, bonding for prototypes, small series manufacture through to process support during series production. Our automation is made to measure; Industry 4.0 naturally.

Ultrasonic Bonding

When Ultrasonic?

  • Suitable for lower currents
  • Ultrasonic bonding for wires up to 20 A or ribbons preferably with aluminium or copper


  • Very flexible, any length and any direction
  • Insensitive for height variations between cells
  • Problem-free bonding over height variations
  • Lowest energy input in cell
  • Favorable cost of ownership and high productivity
  • In-head pulltester for highest quality requirements

Laserbonder / Laser-TAB-Bonder

When Laserbonding?

  • Suitable for higher currents
  • Laserbonding for ribbons over 60 A, aluminium or copper
  • Laser-TAB-bonding for any cross sections


  • Very flexible, any length and any direction
  • Insensitive to height variations between cells
  • Zero gap is easy to ensure
  • Ribbon dimensions up to 10 x 0,5 mm
  • Low-spatter process through oscillation welding
  • Zero bonding force possible
  • Problem-free bonding over height variations
  • Simple component holder without clamping