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S6053BO-V – Inline AOI

Reliable inspection of wire bonds, components and conductive adhesive in one step.

  • Inspection of minimal wire thicknesses up to 15 µm
  • Reliable differentiation of wire courses
  • Recognition of defective bonds
  • Reliable SMD component inspection
  • Inspection of conductive adhesive bond
  • Simple operation and inspection program generation with EasyPro
  • Flexible conveyor concept: Single track or double track
  • The data matrix code can be read from the program flow

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Missing ball/stitch Position ball/stitch exceeds tolerance

Shape and geometry ball/
stitch exceed tolerance

“Golf clubs” Pad contamination Missing wedge

Wedge position exceeds

Foreign material, pad contamination Missing wire
Incorrect wire loop Curling, shortage Missing component

angle exceeds tolerance

Tilted component Wrong component type
Reversed polarity

Scratches/foreign material on surface

Flipped component

Missing/excessive epoxy underfill

Insufficient solder
Excessive solder Missing solder Solder bridge/short
Tombstone Lifted lead Soldering error
Non-Wetting Contamination Misplaced component
X placement Y placement Rotation of solder paste
Broken component Wrong component Excess component
Billboarding Form defect Bent lead
Damaged lead