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S6056BO – Inline AOI

High-performance automatic in-line wire bond inspection for high throughput.

  • Precise, reliable inspection down to wire diameters of 17 µm
  • Reliable detection of defective wire paths, dies and component position
  • Combined inspection of wire bonds and SMD placement
  • Secure detection of damaged and misplaced components
  • Inspection of conductive adhesive bond
  • Reliable inspection of larger inspection objects
  • Individually adaptable inspection scope
  • Simple operation and inspection program generation with EasyPro
  • Possible to read data matrix code from program flow
  • Ideal for single and double track operation

Downloads & Resources

Missing component Missing ball/stitch Missed solder joint
Slanted component (tilt) Ball/stitch position out of tolerance Insufficient solder
Face down component Ball/stitch geometry deviation Solder bridging/short circuit,
general solder defects
Tombstoning “Golf club” Nonwetting
Contaminated component Contaminated pad Missing conductive adhesive
X/Y component displacement Missing wedge Conductive adhesive residue
Component rotation out of tolerance Wedge rotation out of tolerance
Damaged component Wedge geometry deviation
Incorrect component Wedge position out of tolerance
Excess components Contaminated land, capillary imprint
Component on its side Missing wire
Twisted lead Defective wire course
Damaged lead Not enough clearance to adjacent wires, short circuit
Lifted lead
Reversed polarity
THT hole fill
Scratched chip surface
Edge chipping
Open area analysis Wobble circle error Electronic color code analysis
OCR VOIDs in the solder joint Solder ball/solder sputter
Coplanarity inspection