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Resistance Welding – Battery Welding System


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Bench dual spot welders BAT SERIES
Double spot welder with indipendent electrodes for serial welds. Expressly studied for welding thin layers for battery assembly.
Electrode holder sliding on rollin bearing operated pneumatically, but with welding pressure controlled by the compression of a spring.
Dispodable both in alternating current with singlephase supply and in direct current inverter with threephases supply.

Ideal for shops or small workshops.
Depth electrodes adjustable from 5 to 200 mm (other sizes on request). Sliding on balls, so easy calibration
Distance between electrodes 3 to 12 mm. Arms length 100 mm. (other dimensions on request).

Available in 3 power rating:

2 KVA single phase 230 V.
4 KVA single phase 230 V.
5 KVA (2000 Amp) inverter DC . Three phases 400 V.

While the welding made by means of single-phase fed AC transformers where the welding power is adjusted through SCR and choked by obtaining continuous passages from “zero” and cold intervals making the welding “core” not homogeneous and with oxidised parts, welding through inverter technology allows rectifying the current and filtering it by AC IGBT with higher frequency compared with the electric system (generally of 1000 Hz).

This last will feed a transformer, made just for this purpose, for high frequencies, on which there will be, as secondary item, a diode bridge enabling the delivery of a direct welding current.

The first evinced advantage is that, welding with direct current, there aren’t any “cold” interruption and passages from “zero” enabling to obtain a homogeneous welding “core” free from oxidised parts; therefore, it’s possible to weld light alloys.

In addition, the high frequency allows adjustments and, above all, quick and accurate feedbacks (millisecond by millisecond).
Such a quick feedback enables to weld at lower pressures obtaining fewer deformations of the part, a longer life of electrodes and the smallest welding heads.

Moreover, a lower power consumption and the three-phase feeding that prevents from the shift of the feeding current obtaining a cosφ of almost 1.

All our welding heads, including the PAT 1 (micro), can be delivered with an inverter system, thanks to the wide range of available transformers and generators.

With forced air cooling:
150 Amp / 300 Amp/ 600 Amp

With water cooling (consumption: 4l/minute)
300 Amp / 600 Amp / 1200 Amp