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SP 60

By using the SP 60 sintering press, our VS 320 vacuum soldering system can be extended to a combined system. With this combination, the production of sintered joints under inert or reduced atmospheres is possible on an area up to 60 mm x 60 mm with an adjustable force up to 15 kN. The use of defined atmospheres during the sintering process leads to a significant improvement of the joint in terms of reliability and strength (multiplying of shear forces).



SP 300

The fully automatic SP 300 sintering press can be used to produce sintered joints under inert and reduced atmospheres on an area up to 220 mm x 180 mm with an adjustable force up to 300 kN. The sintering force is generated by a combination of servo-electric drive and load cell. The advantage of this variant is that the set force value is adjusted very quickly and very accurately within the entire range. The absence of hydraulic components eliminates the risk of uncontrolled oil leakage in the production area.


SP 300