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S3016 ultra – Bottom-Side 3D AOI

3D bottom-side inspection of PCB solder joints

  • Highest Performance
    Brand new powerful 3D XM sensor concept for bottom-side inspection
  • Best Inspection Quality
    Shadow-free inspection due to 8 angled cameras
  • Minimum Time and Training Requirements
    due to Viscom standard software
  • System Flexibility
    Flexible handling of various test object types
  • Optimal Inspection Process Design
    in terms of enhanced PCB handling option

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Presence x x
XY-position x x
Rotation x
Component height x
Polarity x
No solder x x
Bad solder x x
Lifted lead/tombstone x
Bridge x x
Pin height x
Nonwetting pin x
Nonwetting pad x
Blow hole x
Open area analysis Wobble circle error Color ring analysis
OCR VOIDs in the
soldered connection
Solder ball/solder spray