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Standard & Customized Tools and consumables

Manual or semi-automatic die assembly processes always require a specific tooling set. The selection of a suitable tool is a matter of experience and knowhow. Tresky provides for all our Die Bonder standard and customized pick-up tools.

For customized tools, you have to specify the chip dimensions X, Y and thickness, the quantity of bumps, the chip presentation and the bonding process. If the chip has solder balls we need the number and distribution on the chip and how the chip is presented.

Tresky Standard Shanks:
For manual or semi-automatic machines – (T-3x0x, T-490x) Ø 3.000 mm / L: 25 mm


Datasheet (PDF)

For ultrasonic spindle – Ø 3.175 mm / L: 30 mm


















Other materials on request.



Part. No. – Tools



Part No. – Standard Die Ejector / Push-Up Needles



Part No. – Standard Dispensing Needles