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U30s Ultra HD (4K) XY-Travel System, In-Line

For Inspection of PCBs as they move through the line

The INSPECTIS U30s Inline system brings exceptional capabilities and advantages to digital microscopy for SMT electronics assembly, including 4K, 2160p HDMI output, 30:1 zoom optics with autofocus, and a generous practical working distance. Objects under inspection are rendered sharp, clear and large.

INSPECTIS XY-rail system provides smooth lateral movement of the Digital Microscope over the object under inspection. Designed for installation in commonly used industrial racks to provide fully integrated online inspection solutions.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

The unique ergonomic design of U30s Inline system with easy-to-access on-board camera controls, 228mm working distance and smooth lateral movement of XY rail system over conveyor belt allows operators to carry out the optical inspection task efficiently as the PCBs move through the line without have to be offload or disturbed.

In combination with INSPECTIS 4-direction camera tilt device, components and parts can be side viewed at ± 30° slope angles along both X and Y-axes.

Also available with F30s, Full HD 1080p Digital Microscope.