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This system consists of adapting NUAVIS technology to the conventional manual assembly workstation of any type of product and components in integrated circuits.

The resulting system will continuously capture the operator’s workflow through a high-precision camera. Each component placed will be compared with the circuit diagram, checking that its position and polarity are correct, launching a visual alert on the operator’s monitor (or on another element to be defined) otherwise.

Projects can meet functional specifications such as the following:

  • The system is capable of detecting inconsistencies between the board being mounted and the correct mounting from a series of photos that train the system.
  • The system is integrated into the process, accessing its information, for example, reading the data matrix of the board to be mounted and collecting the corresponding information (diagram, component information, etc.)
  • The outlet can be integrated into the medium that best suits the needs of each project (projection, monitor at the operator’s station or similar).
  • The hardware setup does not affect the way the operator works.
  • The system allows the operator to correct false negatives and relearn quickly.


  • Component picking check. The system is capable of visually indicating to the operator how many components to take and from which box to do exactly. In addition, the system verifies that the operator has reached into the correct box.
  • Checking polarity. For the polarity to be detectable, the mark that indicates it must be clearly visible from the camera’s point of view, so there may be cases of components for which it cannot be detected. In these cases, the operator could be instructed that detection has not been possible, to check it visually.

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