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Series 86


With the semi-automatic wire bonders from F&S Bondtec you get all bonding technologies for in-house production. Due to exchangeable bonding heads suitable for all wire bonding and test methods.

  •  Maximum flexibility through working area up to 512 x 720 mm for a variety of applications such as battery bonding
  • Expandable to fully automatic bond tester
  • Unbeatable price-to-performance ratio
  • Store an unlimited number of bond programms
  • Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.
  •  Most powerfull patern recognition system on the market
  • Innovative software

Exchangeable Bond Heads

Heavy Wire

  • Heavy wire bonding for aluminum wire from 100 up to 500 µm diameter
  • Heavy wire bonding for copper wire from 100 up to 300 µm diameter
  • Wedge lengths of 50 up to 70 mm even for extreme bonding requirements
  • Stitch- or chain bonds of any length
  • Clip-on-wire guide for quick exchange
  • Deformation Limit Control (DLC) for real-time quality checks

Heavy Ribbon

  • Heavy Ribbon bonding for aluminum ribbons up to 2 mm width
  • Increased programmable bond force up to 4,000 cN, also with force and power ramps
  • Active ribbon guide to improve loop shaping
  • Deformation Limit Control (DLC) for real-time quality checks
  • Optional: convertible from standard 8650 bond head

Automatic Pull- & Sheartester

  • Test head with changeable cardridges
  • Camerasystem for automatic testing
  • Analysis Software