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Special Webinar: Arrival of 3D Technology in Wire Bond Inspection Opens up Even More Inspection Possibilities

Increasingly thin wires, finer pitches, as well as more applications of thick wire for higher capacities are among the current trends in wire bonding. At the same time, the requirements for robust and defect-free bonds are increasing, for example in assistance systems in the automotive sector and in RF modules in the 5G mobile communications network. This makes reliable inspections extremely important. The newly developed 3D wire bond inspection from Viscom is triggering a technological shift: Thanks to the additional height information provided by the system, bond wires with a diameter of less than 50 µm can be measured in 3D.otential paste smearing.

The standard algorithms used in wire bond inspection offer an outstanding degree of reliability that wire bonded circuits are free of defects. In many cases, the lateral offset or bending in the x and y directions are not the only factors. The loop shape of the highly reflective wires is also effectively inspected.

In addition to the shape, the actual height of the loops is an important inspection parameter when installation heights are significantly limited by covers or gelling materials. It is essential that the wire does not touch the cover or break through the glob top.

Designed especially for height measurements, Viscom has created effective possibilities for checking the height of both thick wires and thin wires across the entire course of the wire thanks to its sophisticated new 3D sensors. This makes it possible to ensure prior to an assembly’s encapsulation that any height defects do not lead to the failure of the assembly as a whole – making short circuits after assembly a thing of the past.

The results of the Viscom innovation: 3D wire bond inspection of thick wire on DCB substrate, as a real image and a height image


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